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Turnkey engineered solutions are required more than ever because the competitive landscape across industries demands companies are efficient, are safe, maintain quality, lower costs, and are sustainable during a time when there is a global shortage of skilled labour and increasing sustainability requirements.
Very few companies have the internal engineering, project management, and fabrication/installation capabilities to design and implement complex engineered solutions without the help of external resources.
Lakeside’s Turnkey Engineered Solutions help customers optimize their process, make operations safer, improve quality, and reduce operations costs.
Providing turnkey engineered solutions across all industrial sectors allows Lakeside to take on complete project execution responsibility and manage all stages of the project. Lakeside’s multidisciplinary team reduces the risks, lowers the cost, and improves the quality of your project by keeping one point of accountability throughout the project.

Services Offered:

  • Engineering Services
    • Consulting Engineering
    • Front End Engineering Design
    • Detailed Engineering Design
    • Automation Engineering
    • CEMs & Process Analytical System Design
    • Reliability Engineering
  • Project Management
    • Budget Management
    • Schedule Management
    • Scope Control
    • Equipment Procurement
    • Construction Management
    • Quality Control
    • Document Control
  • Drafting Services
    • 2D Drawings
      • Process Flow Diagrams (PFD)
      • Piping & Instrument Diagrams (P&ID)
      • Automation & Electrical Drawings
      • Plant Layouts
    • 3D Drawings
      • General Arrangement Drawings
      • 3D Skid Modelling
      • 3D Plant Modelling
      • Fabrication Drawings
      • Isometric Drawings
      • Weld Maps
  • Fabrication & Installation
  • Main Automation Contractor
    • Start-up and Commissioning