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Training With Us

We realize that formal education is just a small part to how adults learn and more importantly how you will retain new information. Studies continually support that if you compliment formal training with learning from watching others and by doing, the adoption of new practices dramatically increases. Lakeside has industry experts with 20+ years experience.

Learning styles vary as widely as people do. Proof shows, however, that hands-on training and experiential learning bring out questions and solidify ideas for students. Lakeside delivers comprehensive, hands-on blended training programs — including on-site instructor led, virtual, eLearning, and more. Hands-on training provides practical application skills with dedicated hardware at regional training centers or locally.

Emerson Technology Webinar Series

We can’t meet with you physically but, we are here for you virtually!

We are offering opportunities to connect in a variety of ways with our new Technology Webinar Series! There are a number of sessions to choose from, covering Measurement, Flow and Analytical instrumentation. Each session will be led by an Emerson subject matter expert.

Categories include: Best Practices, Application Spotlights & Ask the Expert

Always great seminars providing in depth knowledge of the latest products on the market. Excellent staff with an abundance of knowledge and always helpful with all questions asked of them.


Training Offered

A final control element is a critical part of your control loop in the plant. Increase your knowledge of various control elements designed and tested to provide the performance necessary to keep your process safely operating at maximum efficiency. Learn all about the proper selection, maintenance and operation to ensure smooth operations.


DeltaV systems courses include customized, flexible, options designed to ensure your staff receives measurable, hands-on training for real-life situations.


Training courses to help develop technicians, operations and maintenance skills for maximizing process performance of your measurement instrumentation.


Proper maintenance helps to keep your process equipment operating optimally, extending essential asset life and performance while ensuring your plant operates safely, reliably, and economically. Lakeside can assist you in developing a sustainable, proactive maintenance plan that impacts business goals and the reliability of your assets. 


Process Control optimization or loop tuning is a multi-disciplinary activity that encompasses process design, control strategies, instrumentation and obviously Loop Tuning. Lakeside can help by offering a series of training courses on Loop Tuning and the basics of instrumentation in order to increase your plant's efficiency.

Having your Variable Frequency Drives running optimally not only saves you on maintenance costs, but also money in energy savings & process reliability. Lakeside offers a suite of training programs to help you better understand how to troubleshoot and set your VFD for peak performance.

Don't see what you are looking for? Get in contact with us at 1-800-265-1005 to discuss customized training for your operation.
Learn anytime from your home, office or on the road. Emerson’s Virtual Classroom delivers real-time value-based Instructor-Led training right to your computer with full access to software systems.