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Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Injection Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Injection

Lower Costs & Installation Risks

Meet Regulatory & Natural Gas Utilities Standards

Canada is aiming to have 5% blend of RNG by 2025 added into the Canadian gas utilities natural gas distribution networks and 10% by 2030. To meet this goal, RNG producers and gas utilities require a partner who can provide a solution to inject the RNG into the pipeline while guaranteeing project certainty.
RNG producers can get their product into the natural gas distribution networks by leveraging our strong relationships with the natural gas utilities and years of experience of integrating systems, we guarantee success. Lakeside works in partnership with the gas utilities and local RNG producer to meet all design and quality pipeline standards. Lakeside is the glue that guarantees a successful and smooth project execution for all parties involved.
Lakeside Process Controls prefabricated modular RNG injection solution design is engineered to suit environmental conditions, local regulations, and customer needs. Lakeside’s design is flexible and can range from an open-air design to a complete modular building selected based on local needs houses all the required equipment for the solutions including telemetry, analytics, odorization, and gas regulation.

Lakeside Offers

  • Solutions backed by Emerson Technology
  • Ongoing Service & Support | In-house & Field
  • Dedicated Fabrication Centre
  • 135+ Engineering & Field Service Technicians
  • Field installs to Engineered Modular systems
  • 8 Locations across Ontario & Manitoba | 165,000 sqft +
The RNG injection solution is built at Lakeside’s fabrication facility, “The Innovation Center” in Hamilton, Ontario, which allows for a completely fabricated, wired, and tested system prior to shipment which lowers cost and de-risks the overall project. This method also drastically reduces construction time and removes construction and installation schedule risk. Lakeside has been executing projects like this for years and brings project certainty to all parties involved.
Lakeside’s strong service organization and service centers across our territory allow us to be an ongoing partner once the initial project is complete. Lakeside can provide ongoing maintenance and technical support as we are your long-term partner.
Get in touch with an expert, find your nearest office location, or send us a note about your next project.