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Hydrogen Blending Solution Hydrogen Blending Solution
Reduce Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions with renewable hydrogen gas blended into natural gas systems

The world is investing in reducing GHGs and making industrial processes more sustainable. Hydrogen blending with natural gas is a great way to quickly make an industrial process more sustainable. Hydrogen can be blended in natural gas up to specific ratios before new equipment is required, allowing hydrogen to be used with existing processes. Hydrogen can be generated onsite at a facility during off-peak energy use and stored for use. This is known as power- to-gas and can help lower costs and the carbon footprint of the process as GHG costs to businesses continues to climb.
Lakeside's prefabricated modular hydrogen blend solution design is engineered to suit local regulations and customer needs. The hydrogen injection solution is built at Lakeside’s fabrication facility, “The Innovation Centre” in Hamilton, Ontario, which allows for a completely fabricated, wired, and tested system prior to shipment which lowers cost and de-risks the overall project. This method also drastically reduces construction time and removes construction and installation schedule risk. Lakeside has been executing project like this for years and brings project certainty to all parties involved.
Lakeside’s strong service organization and service centers across our territory allow us to be an ongoing partner once the initial project is complete. Lakeside can provide ongoing maintenance and technical support as we are your long-term partner.
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