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Project Management Project Management
Strong Project Management provides a path to better project performance by reducing complexity, eliminating work, and accommodating late changes.

Project Certainty is our transformational approach to enabling top quartile performance in capital projects by digitally transforming your project through modern project management strategies, innovative engineering practices and digital technologies. Previous project experience, operational facility knowledge, continuous improvement, and low employee turnover are all key contributors to the value we bring. With the stakes this high, having a strong project management team on your side is invaluable.
You can rest assured that having Lakeside on your side will help you control costs, improve communication, and get proven project results where automation is concerned. Our proven approach helps manage multiple stakeholders, scope, schedule and budget to reduce complexity and mitigate your project risks.
Rely on a proven and competent full automation scope supplier
Leverage best-in-class products from Emerson
Utilize industry-leading and innovative technology
Ensure streamlined communication and supplier alignment
Attain a consistent, repeatable, and reusable toolkit for initial and future project phases
Depend on our deep industry and product knowledge
PMP Project Management Services

PMP Project Management Services

Ensure effective management of all aspects of your control system projects. The ultimate success of a project is usually determined well before the ground-breaking. Ultimate project success is largely determined by the rigor and expertise of the project management team.

Our defined Project Management Professional (PMP) process helps you better define project scope, cost, schedule, roles and responsibilities, and required resources. Knowing these project details early in the project cycle ensures the right decisions are made at the right time, and prevents scope creep and project slippage

Choose total project management services
Rely on effective program management to help increase project success
Construction Management

Construction Management

As the scope, scale, and complexity of the solutions provided by Lakeside increased, true Construction Site Management became a requirement.

Construction Management is characterized by collaboration between the Owner, Consultant, and Construction Manager (Lakeside) working as a team to achieve efficiencies in the areas of time, cost, and constructability. This is particularly the case in the pre-construction phase of the project including participation in the design process to ensure optimal economy and efficiency in the selection of materials, systems, construction methods, and scheduling are included.
A cornerstone of Lakeside’s Construction Site Management is the health and safety of our employees, contractor’s, and customers.  Lakeside CORTM certification in Manitoba by the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (CSAM) and in Ontario by the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association (IHSA) both recognized by the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA) ensures we remain diligent in putting safety first.
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