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Steam Trap Application Steam Trap Application
How it Works

How it Works

The Plantweb Insight Steam Trap application determines the online health status of your steam traps by verifying if a trap is in failure mode. This is calculated using a status algorithm established by years of industry experience and analytics.

With this application, you can view trending of past health, emissions, and energy loss on a per trap basis, and track impact set against key performance objectives.

The application utilizes data from the Rosemount™ 708 Wireless Acoustic Transmitters to continuously determine steam trap status. This includes identifying steam trap failures (blow through, flooded, plugged) and inactivity.

Remove Guess Work

Better prioritize maintenance with calculated insights from a steam trap status algorithm based on decades of process experience and analytics.

Cut Energy Costs

Real-time monitoring clearly displays economic and environmental impact in terms of excess energy costs and emissions loss.

Improve Efficiency

Quickly identify any steam traps that require attention: Blow through,
plugged, and flooded failure modes are immediately displayed.

Meet Challenges with Increased Process Insight

Steam Trap Failures Have a Major Business Impact
  • Steam traps are typically only audited once a year, leaving plants vulnerable for long periods of time.
  • Expected steam trap failure rates range from 12.5% to 25% every year.*
  • 5-10% of total energy cost are typically lost through leaking steam traps.**
Avoid Costly Damage with Greater Visibility
  • Continuous steam trap monitoring helps identify failures in real-time for quick repair and replacement.
  • Wireless provides a cost effective, reliable solution and non-intrusive transmitters make installation quick and easy.
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