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Location Awareness Location Awareness

Prioritize safety and improve productivity with advanced location technology, designed to digitally transform facilities and extend IIoT to safety through electronic emergency mustering, geofencing, contractor management and safety alerts.

Keeping people safe on the job is a top priority in every industrial facility; however, systems have traditionally been fragmented and full infrastructures were too costly.

While leveraging WirelessHART®, it combines reliable wireless infrastructure and user-friendly software to help companies set up and maintain virtual perimeters and have improved personnel visibility.
Digital Mustering

Digital Mustering

Over the years, the traditional way to validate a successful emergency muster was determined by a manual headcount. Unfortunately using this method may lead to potential safety issues which could lead to loss of life. Fortunately electronic mustering allows you to monitor your muster points and receive alerts of personnel who have not arrived during an emergency drill.

During an emergency or drill, personnel wearing tags will be digitally checked in to the designated muster station as they arrive, providing more accurate records. If a person does not reach their station within the set time frame, an emergency alert is triggered in the Plantweb Insight Location application and emergency personnel can respond to their location.

Mustering & Evacuation Dashboard

Lone Workers

Lone Workers

Personnel equipped with a Location Tag can press their Tag’s button and initiate a safety alert should they be involved in or witness an emergency situation. This sets off an emergency alert notification in the Plantweb Insight Location application, enabling a quicker and more direct emergency response.

If the button cannot be pressed, Low Activity Alerts act as another layer of safety – helping you identify and rescue a motionless remote worker.


Respecting workers and their privacy is very important. The Location Tag does not collect biometric data and the system can be operated entirely anonymously. The extremely lightweight tags (45g) with up to 300 hours of battery life do not interfere with worker motion or daily operations.


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Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Dashboard analytics show a quick-view of the number of contractors in the working zones and workforce compliance. Upload project schedule, track project status, cross-check planned versus actual project timing, and verify contractor billing.



The Plantweb Insight Location application provides the ability to digitally create off-limits areas, including but not limited to employees, visitors or contractors to receive an alert when a boundary is crossed. Whether geofencing is used due to the presence of hazardous materials, training requirements or other critical concerns, this feature supports the creation of a safer, more efficient facility.

How it Works

Location Personnel Tags
Wearable Location Tags help automatically detect a person’s whereabouts and send signals to fixed Location Anchors for relevant-time updates. The Tags are battery-operated and rechargeable via a certified Qi charger, lasting up to 14 days between charges.
Location Anchors
Battery operated WirelessHART® Location Anchors are installed in fixed locations throughout the desired monitoring area. The signals from the Tags are detected by the Anchors, which in turn utilize WirelessHART to send the data to Emerson Wireless Gateways or Access Points. In reference conditions, the Anchor can detect tags up to 75 meters away, or triangulate a Tag’s location if multiple fixes are available.
Wireless Networks
Seamlessly integrate and expand networks with self-organizing, secure and reliable wireless technology. The WirelessHART Location Anchors form a mesh network using Emerson Wireless Gateways or the Emerson and Cisco Wireless Access Point. Forming a robust industrial WirelessHART network, this solution enables facilities to quickly access valuable field data for faster decision making.

Battery Life: Anchor: Up to 5 years

Tag: Up to 14 days on a single charge, rechargeable utilizing a Qi certified charger.
IP Rating:  IP66/67 for Anchor and Tag

Plantweb™ Insight Location Application
The Plantweb Insight Location application brings your facility and location data
together through one streamlined interface. Manage your tags, geofencing, safety mustering and safety alerts through this state-of-the-art software. You can also access other Plantweb Insight applications through the same interface, including Pressure Relief Device, Heat Exchanger, Cooling Tower, and more.

Tag Information

Why WirelessHART?


  • Wireless mesh designed for industrial operations technology
  • Up to 75m range to Tags
  • Leverages existing WirelessHART Gateway Infrastructure
  • On-premises and user-controlled network
  • Enables battery powered Anchors
  • 34,000+ WirelessHART networks worldwide
  • Designed for indoor/outdoor operation among dense infrastructure
  • Easily scalable capacity and accuracy with addition of Anchors

WiFi Based Location

  • Expensive & challenging scale-up due to wiring required for Access Points


  • Uses shorter distance exciters
  • Reads entry & exit from locations – not a real-time system


  • Outdoor-only location rendering
  • Network managed by third-party cellular provider

Features & Specs

  • Social Density: Assign a rule for a maximum number of people allowed in a zone and an alert will be triggered when the maximum has been surpassed
  • Contact Tracing: Generate records or reports of personnel movement in the facility if needed enabling a faster response should an illness be reported
  • WirelessHART Anchors: Easily mounted throughout your facility which form a mesh network to receive signals from personnel tags up to 75m away. When multiple Anchors are nearby, location accuracy improves and relevant location information can be gathered from a single Anchor fix
  • Plantweb Insight: Location application offers one streamlined display for personnel location, safety mustering, alerts, and project management
  • Location Awareness is easily scalable through the addition of Tags or Anchors
  • Plug & Play: Alerts and location-based project data into industry-standard analytics frameworks (e.g. PowerBI, Tableau, Excel, Movicon, etc.) 
  • Battery Life: Anchor: Up to 5 years Tag: Up to 14 days on a single charge 
  • Mounting: Anchor: Universal mount. Tag: Flexible wearable options
  • Dimensions: Anchor: 5" Diameter. Tag: 2"x3"
  • Certifications/Approvals: Class 1 DIV 1, Zone 0
  • Weight: Anchor: 1.10 lbs. Tag: 0.11 lbs

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*While the first standards do not prescribe a number of minutes, OSHA has long interpreted the term 'near proximity' to mean that emergency care must be available within no more than 3-4 minutes from the workplace. Medical literature establishes that, for serious injuries such as those involving stopped breathing, cardiac arrest, or uncontrolled bleeding, first aid treatment must be provided within the first few minutes to avoid permanent medical impairment or death. Accordingly, in workplaces where serious accidents such as those involving falls, suffocation, electrocution, or amputation are possible, emergency medical services must be available within 3-4 minutes, if there is no employee on the site who is trained to render first aid.“ – OSHA Clarification of “in near proximity” and OSHA’s discretion in enforcing first aid requirements in particular cases, OSHA1910.151b

Location Awareness devices and services are meant to augment, not replace, safety and security measures within a plant and must not be used as the sole method of locating or tracking personnel within a customer’s facility.  Even when properly installed and maintained, and when working as intended, location position information will only be provided every 32 seconds (or longer depending on system configuration).  Location Awareness devices and services cannot detect if a user has fallen.