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Cooling Tower Application Cooling Tower Application
How it Works

How it Works

The Plantweb Insight Cooling Tower application uses process data to determine the overall health of this critical asset.

This application utilizes key temperature, flow, level, and analytical information to identify abnormal situations that affect the long-term reliability and efficiency of cooling water systems.

Monitor Cooling Tower Effectiveness

Gather visibility into remaining heat removal capacity with continuous temperature measurements.

Reduce Corrosion & Build-Up

Conductivity and pH sensors easily identify degrading water quality before it leads to detrimental equipment corrosion and fouling.

Recognize Water Usage

Track key trails of water usage and how much evaporation is occurring.

Valuable Information Provided Through Application Analytics

  • Cooling Tower Effectiveness: Monitor cold water supply, return, and air temperature.
  • Water Usage and Evaporation: Gain key information from monitoring supply, blowdown, makeup, and recirculation flow
  • points.
  • Water Degradation: Monitor water quality with pH and conductivity measurements.
  • Fan Health: The ACHE application provides built-in vibration analysis, and alignment information.
  • Pump Health: The Pump application provides built-in vibration analysis, seal failure detection, cavitation detection, and strainer plugging.
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