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Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Application Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Application
How it Works

How it Works

The Plantweb Insight Air Cooled Heat Exchanger application provides in-depth monitoring of air cooled heat exchangers, fin fans, by analyzing wireless sensor data gathered through existing infrastructure.

Leveraging pre-built algorithms based on decades of process experience and industry-vetted analytics, this solution delivers reliable predictive diagnostics.

Reduce Slowdowns

Predictive and continuous air cooled heat exchanger monitoring helps reduce unexpected failures and process shutdowns.

Cut Maintenance Costs

Automated monitoring reduces costs caused by reactive maintenance and manual rounds.

Pre-built Models Save Valuable Time

With access to pre-built strategic interpretation analytics, personnel no longer have to sort through large data sets.

Common Threats to Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Exchanger Fouling

Limited cooling is an indication of exchanger fouling. This can result in reducing the cooling capacity of the exchanger, leading to a throughput reduction. This can also cause products heading to storage tanks to be too hot or other  
process impacts.

High Vibration and Bearing Temperature

Increasing motor or fan vibration and bearing temperature can result in belt and coupling failure or can cause fan blades to stop, reducing the cooling capacity of the exchanger and throughput reduction. Other process, safety, and environmental impacts can occur as well.

Louver Mechanical Defects

Faulty louver position can result in restricting airflow and cooling capacity reduction, leading to overall throughput reduction and other potential process impacts.
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