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Cash Valve Type G-60, Pressure Regulators
Type G-60 Pressure Regulators
A self-contained, self-actuated high capacity all purpose regulator designed to operate within close limits
Cash Valve Type G-60, Pressure Regulators


Operating Temperature
Cryogenic, High Temperature
Water, Gas, Energy and Power Management, Boilers and Steam Distribution, Air
Dryers, Water distribution, Steam Utility Distribution, Steam Condition, Pressure Control, Low Temp, High Temp, Cryogenics and Refrigeration, Control , Clean Steam, Boilers, Biomass Boiler and Power Boiler
Product Type
Pressure Reducing Regulators


  • Broad choice of body and internal materials for a wide range of applications.
  • Wide variety of inlet pressure ranges and operating temperatures, depending on construction.
  • Balanced piston design provides close control despite wide in inlet pressure variations for water, air, oil and gas services.
  • Flat seal ring for excellent shut-off, high capacity and easy maintenance.
  • All internal parts guided to ensure proper seating.
  • Large diaphragm and long pressure spring provide for a wide range of adjustment and give exceptional sensitivity of control.
  • Hex head adjusting screw and lock nut as standard. Optional T-bar available to special order.
  • Optional stainless steel internal trim suitable for regulating steam, air, water, oil, gases, chemicals and other fluids.
  • Optional construction for cryogenic service.
  • Modified version available for constant differential control or dome-loaded valve.


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