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Sempell Model MaxiS High Capacity Safety Valve
Sempell MaxiS High Capacity Safety Valve
High Capacity "over-T" Relief Valve with DIN flanges, ASME flanges or welding end connection
Sempell Model MaxiS High Capacity Safety Valve


Size Inlet:
DN 250 – DN 700

Pressure rating:
PN 6 – PN 63
class 150 – class 300
–200 °C – +700 °C
–450 °F – +1300 °F
Set Pressure:
0,3 – 24 bar
Orifice Diameter
185 mm – 438 mm ( T1 – Z)
Body materials:
1.0619/SA216 WCB
1.7357/SA217 WC6
1.6220/SA352 LCC
1.4408/SA351 CF8M
1.4552/SA351 CF8C
Other materials available on request
Balanced piston, cooling spacer, lifting lever, test gag, position indicator, reinforced bellows, adjusting ring, pneumatic actuator
Other accessories on request


  • Single Trim design for steam , gases and liquids
  • Low friction thermoelastic guide
  • Self-aligning spring assembly
  • Low friction, spring compression
  • Low maintenance
  • Locking for hydrostatic test without additional parts, cap top doubles up as gagging device
  • Pop action
  • Mechanical lift ensures functional stability
  • High allowable back pressure
  • Available with actuator for use as pneumatic operated safety valve


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