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Fisher™ Type N551 Snappy Joe™ Emergency Shutoff Valves
Type N551 Snappy Joe Emergency Shutoff Valves are intended for in-line use on LP-Gas or Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) service.
The valves may be installed on both ends of transfer hoses where the hose connects the bulk plant piping to the bobtail, transport, or tank car. They provide a quick way of automatically shutting off gas flow in the event of a hose rupture. A fusible element in the latch melts if the temperature reaches 212°F / 100°C, allowing the valve to self-close.
Fisher™ Type N551 Snappy Joe™ Emergency Shutoff Valves


Body Sizes and End Connection Style
1-1/4, 2, and 3-inch FNPT
Maximum Inlet Pressure
400 psig / 27.6 bar WOG
Temperature Capabilities
-20 to 160°F / -29 to 71°C


  • Operational Ease
  • Cable Release
  • Rugged Construction
  • High-Flow Capacity
  • Fusible Element
  • Soft Seat
  • Ease of Service
  • Pneumatic Operation


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