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TESCOM™ Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation Series H70DB Primary Root Valves
Series H70DB Primary Root Valves
The H70DB is designed to provide redundant block valve capabilities in severe or hazardous process conditions.
It is intended to replace the gate, globe, gauge and bleed valves found in traditional instrument installations.


  • Elimination of up to 80% of leak points produced by traditional ‘piped-up’ instrumentation penetrations increases operator and facility safety.
  • Reduced cost of ownership through reduction of necessary components.
  • Single-piece barstock construction and pre-installed bleed valve provide maximum strength and rigidity and eliminate requirement for fittings, tees, valves and tubing.
  • Fast installation reduces costs: valve is shipped complete and hydrostatically tested for immediate, hassle-free installation.
  • Compact design requires minimum space for operation and installation.
  • Replaceable soft or metal seats can be removed and replaced easily in-line eliminating the need for valve removal.
  • Non-rotating stem design eliminates packing wear and seat galling, extending valve life.
  • Provides assured reliability in severe service applications.
  • Metal-to-metal body-to-bonnet seal in constant compression prevents bonnet thread corrosion, eliminates possible tensile breakage and gives a reliable seal point.
  • Safety back seating prevents stem blowout or accidental removal while in operation and provides a metal-to-metal secondary stem seal while in the full open position.
  • Bonnet lock plate prevents accidental separation of bonnet from body while allowing easy maintenance and repair.
  • Optional multi-port gauge connections allow versatile positioning of gauges or pressure switches without additional penetration of the main piping.


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