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Fieldwatch Instrument Data Post-Processing
Roxar Fieldwatch Sand and Erosion Management software empowers operators to more effectively monitor and manage intrusive and non-intrusive sand monitoring equipment. The modular system provides an integrated overview of multiple sensors, delivering an immediate overview of the production system’s sand and erosion status. Predicting the remaining operational lifetime of sensors also ensures that preventive maintenance can be performed before any issues impact performance.
Fieldwatch Instrument Data Post-Processing


Operating System
Operating System
Windows V7
64bit Linux PC
Linux Redhat v5


  • Rely on high performance, large scalability and high data availability
  • Manage all sensors with a single software platform
  • Accommodate input from acoustic and intrusive sensors
  • Respond with more speed and insight with warning from smart alarms
  • Easily configure to the requirements of a dedicated sand management system


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