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Rosemount™ Twisted Square™ Thermowell
rosemount twisted square thermowell
Achieve accurate process temperature measurement and reduce the risk of thermowell failure in challenging environments with the Twisted Square thermowell.
Its revolutionary design eliminates over 90% of dynamic stress, the primary source of thermowell fatigue failures and provides a great solution for conventional thermowells that don't pass ASME PTC 19.3 TW evaluations.

Reduce Thermowell Design Time by More Than 90%

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Rosemount™ Twisted Square™ Thermowell


Thermowell Calculations
Wake frequency calculation (WFC) performed by certified engineers
Design Modifiers
Can be customized for any application
Material certification, NACE, CRN (see full specs for complete list of certifications)


  • No Wake Frequency or Dynamic Stress Calculations
  • Eliminates over 90% of dynamic stresses
  • Improved reliability and reduce risk
  • Greatly reduces the risk of thermowell failures with changing process conditions (Start-up, Shut down, Events)
  • Easily expand to new applications
  • Ability to increase velocities for more through-put
  • Allows for longer insertion lengths for better temperature accuracy
  • Avoid complicated & expensive pipe modifications
  • Reduce Inventory (one thermowell fits all)
  • Use the same thermowell in different process conditions


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