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Rosemount™ 565 and 566 Multiple Spot Temperature Sensor
Rosemount multiple spot temperature sensors measure temperature with a number of Pt-100 spot elements placed at different heights to provide a tank temperature profile and an average temperature.
Only fully immersed elements are used to determine product temperature. Each sensor is connected to a Rosemount 2240S transmitter.
Rosemount™ 565 and 566 Multiple Spot Temperature Sensor


1/6 DIN Class B (standard), 1/10 DIN Class B (option).
ensor for cryogenic use (Rosemount 566): DIN Class A.
Calibration option: Individually calibrated spot elements with four-wire connection enables ±0.025 °C (±0.045 °F) total sensor accuracy.
Element Type(s)
Pt-100 spot elements according to EN 60751.
Number of Spot Elements
Up to 16 RTD spot elements:
  • Three-wire common return or individual wiring.
  • Four-wire individual wiring.
Measurement Range
-50 to +250 °C (-58 to +482 °F), and -170 to +100 °C (-274 to +212 °F) for cryogenic use.
Overall Length
Standard is 5-70 m (16.4-230 ft). Other lengths on request.
Protective Sheath
Stainless steel, AISI 316. Wall thickness 0.3 mm (0.012 in.). ∅= 1 in.


  • Get custody transfer net volume accuracy with three- or four-wire multiple spot temperature sensors for bulk liquid storage tanks.
  • Improve accuracy with unique sensor calibration.
  • Measure liquid temperature with up to 16 spot elements.
  • Include specialized sensor for cryogenic tank temperature measurement in LNG applications (Rosemount 566).
  • Combine with integrated water level sensor (Rosemount 765).
  • Select from a wide range of accessories such as anchor weights and vapor boots.


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