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Rosemount™ Temperature Measuring Unit
rosemount temperature measuring unit
Meet your marine safety requirements with the Rosemount Temperature Measuring Unit.
Enable cargo and vapor temperature measurements with the Rosemount Temperature Measuring Unit. Get accurate cargo and vapor temperature readings from this unit which is mounted on deck or directly on the cargo pump. With up to six temperature measuring sensors, you get accurate readings
Rosemount™ Temperature Measuring Unit


TMU51 - 5.4 kg, TMU53 - 3.0 kg
Enclosure Rating
Housing Material
Stainless steel 316L
Explosion Protection
Ex ia IIC T4 Ga


  • Pt100 sensor elements with a three (standard) or four (high accuracy) wire connection option.
  • Enables temperature measurements of the cargo and vapor inside the tanks.
  • Suitable for installation on deck or directly on cargo pumps.
  • Robust design and housing built for harsh marine operation.


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