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LevelDatic LD120S Electro-Pneumatic System
Oversee with accuracy all your marine tank levels with the Leveldatic LD 120S Electro-Pneumatic System.
You get continuous on-line information on tank levels, possible water ingress and your ship draft. Because piezoresistive sensors are located in cabinets in safe zones, no electronics need to be exposed to hazardous areas. Also it’s simple and safe to exchange parts, plus with no sensors, electrical cables or moving parts having tank exposure, there’s no concern for possible damage.
LevelDatic LD120S Electro-Pneumatic System


Enclosure Rating
Operating Temperature
+5°C to +70°C
Measurement Range
0 – 35 m.
Reference Accuracy
± 0.1% Full Scale
Operating Temperature
5 °C to 70 °C
Air Supply
5 to 8 bar dry and clean instrument air
Air Consumption / Measuring Point
Maximum 0.2 dm3/min


  • Piezoresistive sensors engineered for long-term stability.
  • Sensor compensates for temperature variations.
  • 10 electro-pneumatic channels can be connected to each cabinet.
  • Every tank, hold, void space and draft measurement has its own dedicated sensor.
  • System measures pressure to calculate a digital signal which can be further refined by compensating for trim/list and volume.
  • Easy to use touch screen display offers a window into the system for monitoring of measured data.
  • Two main methods used to measure hydrostatic pressure: Sounding pipe and Pneumatic 1:1 pressure converter.
  • System can also be used to monitor dry or void spaces


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