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Rosemount™ 702 Discrete Transmitter for Plunger Arrival Detection
The Rosemount 702 for plunger arrival was created to be used in natural gas well pads that use plungers to help with well efficiency.
The transmitter is used in combination with an existing plunger arrival sensor to detect the arrival event and send the signal back wirelessly. It was designed specifically to be compatible with the ETC Cyclops Plunger Arrival Sensor model ET-11000.
Rosemount™ 702 Discrete Transmitter for Plunger Arrival Detection


Update Rate
1 second to 60 minutes, user selectable
Power Supply
Replaceable, intrinsically safe lithium-thionyl chloride power module with PBT polymer enclosure
Housing material
Low-Copper Aluminum, or stainless steel
Antenna Type
External (WK option) antennal: Maximum of 10mW (10 dBm)
Extended range, External (WM option) antenna: Maximum of 18 mW (12.5 dBm) EIRP
High Gain, Remove (WN option) antenna: Maximum of 40mW (16dBm) EIRP
Remote (WJ option) antenna: Maximum of 17 mW (12.3 dBm) EIRP


  • Designed for ETC Cyclops Plunger Arrival Sensor model ET-11000
  • Enables access to discrete points that are not connected to the control system due to wiring costs and lack of I/O
  • WirelessHART® technology is secure, cost-effective and delivers > 99% data reliability
  • Easy, intuitive installation enables a quick method to automate without the cost of wiring
  • Momentary inputs are continuously measured between wireless updates
  • Power solutions provide up to 10-year maintenance-free operation and replacement without transmitter removal


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