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The AdEM® -PTZ is an electronic counter module with the capability for live compensation for Pressure, Temperature and Supercompressibility (Z).
The AdEM-PTZ is a direct mount module for seamless integration with Romet and other popular rotary meters. Some features of the AdEM-PTZ include a full audit trail, four available output pulses, serial communication and a 15 year nominal battery life. This state-of-the-art corrector is also available in a remote mount configuration (AdEM-PTZ-r).

Romet has developed a single adapter plate that will allow our AdEM-PTZ to be installed on Romet RM 600-56000 rotary meters and RMT 600-23000 rotary meters.

We also offer a single adapter plate for Dresser B3 meters ranging from 8C to 56000 and LMMA meters ranging from 1500-16000. The AdEM-PTZ comes standard with Romet’s patented AdEM Click technology allowing for seamless installation between Romet and Dresser rotary meters.

With the AdEM Click you can carry one electronic corrector to fit all sizes and brands of rotary meters in your system.


  • Simple
  • Reduced Inventory
  • Reduced Truck Rolls

One Size Fits All- upgrade your rotary meters with the latest electronics in a matter of a click

AdEM Advanced Electronics seamlessly integrates with BrightLync® to provide the best-in-class network for real-time data transmission and data visualization.

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Technical Specifications
  • 15 year nominal battery life
  • Battery life indicated in month or percentages
  • End of battery life warning
  • Long lasting lithium battery
  • Non-volatile EEPROM memory with full audit trail
  • Up to 256 days of hourly readings
  • 1024 daily logs
  • 102 alarm logs stamped with time and date
  • 166 event logs
  • Live or fixed temperature and pressure compensation
  • Fixed pressure factor (customizable)
  •  Total accuracy (nominal): +/- 0.3% of reading
  • Expands meter rangeability to 200:1
  • Standard ambient temperature: -40F to +158F             (-40C to +70C)   
  • Four output pulses available:
  • Two isolated volume pulse output channels (corrected and uncorrected)
  • One isolated pulse output for alarm or volume (corrected or uncorrected)
  • Additional isolated corrected pulse output channel for AMR/AMI devices
  • Customizable pulse width and pulse spacing
  • Serial communication port- RS232 or RS485
  • Analog and cellular modem compatible
  • Optional portable keyboard
  • Highly sensitive RTD sensor
  • Standard sensor ranges 0-200 PSIG and 10-190 PSIA. Other pressure ranges available on request.
  • Nominal 12 year calibration
  • 1 point temperature calibration
  •  3 point pressure calibration
  • Fixed/configurable parameters with multiple levels of security
  • Standard with patented AdEM Click technology (available only on direct mount version)
  • Compatible with Itron, Sensus, Aclara, and other AMI/AMR devices
  • Convenient one touch push button proving mode (available only on direct mount version)
  •  Quick and efficient proving with a Model 5 prover (available only on direct mount version)
  • Rugged single scroll button with up to 15 display parameters
  • Large, easy to read LCD 8 digits, 14 segment semi alpha-numeric
  • UV resistant engineered polycarbonate enclosure
  • Weather resistant
  • Adapter plates for Dresser LMMA & B3 meters(available only on direct mount version)


AdEM-PTZ Approvals/Certifications


  • Intrinsically safe class I division 1 & 2 group D
  • CSA Approval 2277666
  • ATEX Approval FTZU 08 ATEX Q 004 & FTZU 05 ATEX 0274X
  •  IECEx Certification of Conformity- 60079 Intrinsic Safety
  • Measurement Canada Approval AG-0606
  • MID Approval SK 17-QD-SMU-017 & SK13-MI002-SMU005
  • New York State approved
  • Third-party qualification testing- Gas Technology Institute
  • CE declaration of conformity
Data Sheet
Download  the Adem®-PTZ Data Sheet 


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