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Loading/Offloading Systems
Ensure effective terminal inventory and logistics management with Emerson's loading and unloading systems.
Achieve reliable, accurate, and timely transfer operations over a wider range of products while preserving regulatory and safety compliance.
Loading/Offloading Systems


Up to ± 0.025%
Operating Pressure Range
Up to 600 ANSI
Process Temperature
-196 °C to 162 °C (-321 °F to 325 °F)
Meter Types
Coriolis, Turbine
Process Product
Crude Oil, LPG, Refined Products, Petrochemical, Chemical
Custody Transfer, Non-Custody Transfer, Production, FPSO/FSO, Refining, Terminals, Tank Farms, Truck Loading, Rail Loading, Bottom Loading, Top Loading
Equipment/Material Included
Meters, Valves, Strainers, Pipe/Fittings, Structural Steel, Instrumentation, Controls/HMI, Wiring, Loading Arms/Hoses
Services Included
Project Management, Engineering/Design, Procurement, Fabrication, Testing, Startup/Commissioning, Training, Lifecycle Services


  • Simplify installation, lessen environmental impact, and cut costs with standardized modular systems
  • Achieve the best measurement accuracy and performance with optimized system design
  • Monitor operations and meet environmental and safety requirements with automation and safety system integration
  • Increase loading/unloading efficiency and speed with high-capacity flowmeters
  • Get continuous product transfer assurance with precise batch delivery and multi-stage flow rate control
  • Ensure fault-free start up with full factory flow and functionality testing
  • Reduce risk, cost, and time with engineering, design, project management, installation, and start-up from one provider


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