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Roxar SandLog
Roxar SandLog
The Roxar SandLog provides accurate multiple element sand/erosion probe readings.
It offers off-line or wired on-line communications and ensures fast and accurate erosion rate information and provides effective data management alongside the Roxar Fieldwatch software. Combined with the Roxar SAM and Permasense sensors, it provides the most comprehensive sand management solution available and increased flow assurance.
Roxar SandLog


Reads Roxar Multiple Element Sand/Erosion Probes
24 bit. Experienced sensitivity low nanometer for ER probes, depending on probe and conditions
Off–line — data to field terminalOn–line 4–20 mA (analog)On–line digital fieldbus (Roxar protocol)
Measurement Interval
2 min to 24 hours
Temperature Range
CorrLog fieldbus/4–20 mA: –40 °C – +70 °C (40F — 158F)
CorrLog Terminal: –40 °C – +60 °C (40F — 140F)
Storage Capacity
1500 readings


  • Together with SAM acoustic detector and Permasense, probably the most comprehensive sand management solution available
  • Best in class resolution and measurement sensitivity
  • Multiple element probes provide superior and more reliable detection of sand in flow
  • High sensitivity provides fast response on changes in sand content, allowing efficient tuning to maximum allowed production rates
  • Erosion measurements provide good indication on worst case erosion in bend
  • Robust design, proven field performance
  • Continuous sand/erosion data contributes to safe operations, minimizing risks of integrity failure and uncontrolled erosion


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