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The DriveWizard® Industrial support tool is a Windows-based PC program designed to make commissioning and troubleshooting of Yaskawa drives as simple as possible.

DriveWizard® Industrial provides user-friendly tools for viewing, manipulating, and exchanging data with the drive. Data can be retrieved, changed, stored, and graphed.

DriveWizard Industrial is compatible with the GA800, A1000, P1000, U1000, V1000, V1000-4X, J1000, D1000, R1000, F7, P7, G7 and G5 Low HP.

DriveWizard Industial Tips and Tricks

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  • Create, Open, Save Drive Parameter Projects
  • Add Project Information (Project Name, User and Project Information)
  • Modified Parameter Overview
  • Compare Parameter Overview between Software and Drive Settings
  • Categorized Parameter Groups
  • Dynamic Search for Drive Parameters
  • Initialize Drive Function
  • Ethernet Network Configurator
  • 6-Channel Real-time Trend-Recorder with record, playback and trigger function
  • 4-Channel Real-time Monitor Panel with auto and manual scaling function
  • Status and Diagnostics Panel to view active drive status and fault history includes 8 Ch. Monitor.
  • Print or Export parameter reports to 8 Popular File Formats (e.g. PDF, RTF, HTM…)


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