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Rosemount™ TGD 51 Tank Gauge Display
rosemount tgd 51 tank gauge display
Provide your crew on-the-spot operating confidence with the Rosemount TGD 51 Tank Gauge Display.
This intrinsically safe unit has a six-character display that indicates ullage, temperature and vapor pressure. You can set it for one specific parameter or to automatically toggle between values. Versatile design allows this unit to be bolted, clamped or welded to most any structure on deck. Engineered for the harsh marine environment
Rosemount™ TGD 51 Tank Gauge Display


3 kg
Housing Material
Stainless steel 316L
Explosion Protection
Ex ia IIC T4 Ga


  • Basic six-character display and automation options provide simplified awareness to help accommodate multilingual crew.
  • Intrinsically safe design lets your operate with confidence in Zone 0 environments
  • The highly useful design of the TGD 51 indicates tank ullage, temperature and vapor pressure
  • Flexible settings allow for one specific parameter or for your crew to automatically toggle between values
  • Adapts to any deck environment with ability to bolt, clamp or weld to most any structure
  • Engineered by specialists devoted to the marine industry
  • Robust design and housing built for harsh marine operation
  • Meets requirements for all major industry classifications and international measurement standards.
  • Design and manufacturing process comply with ISO9001 quality standards and ISO14001 environmental code


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