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AMS A6500-UM Universal Measurement Card for AMS 6500 ATG
CSI A6500-UM Universal Measurement Card
The A6500-UM Universal Measurement Card is a component of the AMS 6500 ATG machinery protection system.
The card is equipped with 2 sensor input channels (independent or combined, as per chosen measurement mode) working with most common sensors as eddy-current, piezoelectric (accelerometer or velometer), seismic (electro dynamic), LF (low frequency bearing vibration), Hall-effect and LVDT (in combination with A6500-LC) sensors.
AMS A6500-UM Universal Measurement Card for AMS 6500 ATG


Number of Inputs
Logic low level
0 V to 3 V
Logic high level
13 V to 32 V, open
Rated Digital Input Current
1 mA
Rated Digital Input Power
24 mW
200 g Exclusive Packaging
Operating Temperature
-20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
Storage Temperature
-40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
Relative Humidity
5-95%, non condensing
150 m/s² , 4,000 shocks per axis
0.15 mm (10 to 55 Hz) , 20 m/s² (55 to 150 Hz)


  • API 670 compliant TSI protection system
  • Integrated prediction functionality including PeakVue technology and band filter
  • Interface with other applications via OPC UA, Modbus TCP/IP, or Modbus RTU


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