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Sustainability Summit Sustainability Summit

Lakeside is proud to announce our first ever Sustainability Summit. Through this event, we aim to provide you with a better understanding of how your facilities can “Go GreenSave Green” through tangible solutions.

​Our Automation Solutions portfolio is highly relevant in this space, and we believe that we can act as a lighthouse in your sustainability voyage.

Registration is now closed.

Date/Time: May 25, 2022 | 9AM - 4PM
Cost: FREE
Location: Lakeside (Head Office)
2475 Hogan Drive. Mississauga, ON
breakfast & lunch included
win prizes at the end of day raffle
*Due to COVID safety measures, limited capacity will be in effect. Direct any inquiries to 
[email protected] 

Now is the time to strategically invest in your energy and emissions performance. Top performers in the coming years will enjoy a competitive advantage with lower energy costs, fewer fines, and less need to buy CO2  credits. ​

The path to a lower-carbon economy has already begun, with over $8 billion spent annually on R&D alone in the United States and Canada since 2010. With the Paris Agreement (COP21) signed in 2015, we now have a national carbon reduction target to strive for. This target is not attainable unless industrial manufacturers contribute heavily. Heavy contribution doesn't need to lead to a heavy loss.
Sessions from Lakeside and Emerson include topics such as: “Pressure Relieve Valve Monitoring to Identify and Reduce Emissions” and “Electrification as Strategy to Meet ESG Goals“. 

Meet our industry experts at our trade show booths to learn and participate in hands-on demonstrations. Our experts are specialized in various Automation Solutions such as Micro Motion Coriolis Flow MetersAMS Trex Device CommunicatorsFisher Control ValvesBettis Electric Actuators, and many more. This is your chance to connect, collaborate and grow your knowledge while meeting your sustainability goals.

  Join us on May 25th and confidently leave our event with an action plan towards change. Hope to see you there!



Emerson and Lakeside are helping our customers transition to a low-carbon future by decarbonizing energy supplies, improving energy efficiency, reducing waste, and managing and controlling emissions. We provide a portfolio of products, solutions, and services — along with our Digital Transformation Plantweb platform — to help you sense, monitor, analyze, and take action to drive more sustainable operations.

Join Seth Harris in his presentation titled "Innovative Solutions to Drive Sustainability and Digital Transformation" as he discusses Emerson’s framework for sustainability, the long-term vision for industrial automation, and how our solutions can be used to speed up your company's sustainability journey.


Speaker Bio:

Seth Harris, Director of Sustainability Sales – Americas
Emerson Automation Solutions

Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (or CCUS) is one of the most effective solutions for large-scale greenhouse gas reductions. But, as with many decarbonization opportunities, the CCUS market faces two opposing forces. On one hand, it is an absolute must for society to reach a net-zero GHG emissions goal, as dictated by the Paris Agreement. On the other hand, CCUS deployment generates serious operational costs, challenging the business case.

Join Seth Harris in his presentation titled "A Step Toward Carbon Neutral Future, Carbon Capture Processes" as he discusses CCUS technologies, their benefits, and how Emerson and Lakeside Process Controls can assist in the deployment of each.


Speaker Bio:

Seth Harris, Director of Sustainability Sales – Americas
Emerson Automation Solution

Transitioning to a low carbon economy is on the minds of various organizations across Canada including Enbridge. This focus has uniquely positioned Enbridge to become a market facilitator in bringing new lower carbon solutions to scale while continuing to meet the demand for safe, reliable and affordable energy. Together with its customers, Enbridge is striving to support a greener economy.

Learn at a high level how Enbridge plans for energy transition here in Ontario including the reduction of its own GHG emissions, supporting customers with low carbon solutions and providing in-depth energy management support towards helping its customers use thermal energy as efficiently as possible.


Igor Mozetic, P.Eng. CEM
Industrial Energy Conservation

Malfunctioning pressure relief devices can be a major hidden source of production losses. Releasing valves wastes product and can often limit production by not allowing the process to run at optimum pressure. Furthermore, with several of these devices typically venting to a common flare system, or directly into atmosphere, locating the source of the release can be difficult without real-time monitoring. Traditional wired solutions present both economic and installation challenges.

Join Mark Menezes in his Tech Talk titled "Pressure Relieve Valve Monitoring to Identify and Reduce Emissions" where he provides an overview of our simplified approach utilizing cost-effective and easy-to-implement Wireless technology. Learn how this solution leverages analytical tools to create actionable insights for informed decisions and maintenance prioritization.

Mark Menezes, Canada – Measurement & Flow
Emerson Automation Solutions

Motors, especially pumps and fans, can often be the single largest energy cost in your facility. Pumps and fans often don't need to be run at 100%. Using Variable Speed Drives, rather than mechanical dampers and valves, to reduce flow or pressure can help you reduce up to 30% of your motor energy bill. Payback can often be in two years or as little as six months!

Join Marc Coombs in his Tech Talk titled "Saving Energy Using Variable Speed Drives" as he explores how savings occur as well as a live demo of Yaskawa’s free Energy Savings Predictor software. This software provides a payback analysis as well as a prediction of carbon footprint and emissions.

Marc Coombs, Technical Specialist - Industrial Drives

Although electric actuators have provided reliable operation for basic on/off valves for decades, they have traditionally suffered from limited capabilities when it comes to diagnostics, accurate process control, and fail-safe functionality. Today’s electric actuator designs provide solutions where previously only fluid-powered actuators could perform adequately. These solutions could help reduce emissions, maintenance, and utility costs while simultaneously increasing control accuracy and overall reliability through preventative maintenance.

​Join Saverio Aloe in his Tech Talk on the "Advantages of Using Smart Electric Actuators in Critical Applications" where he will outline the most recent advancements in Smart electric actuation. Learn how Electrification of your Isolation and Control valve assets can help you achieve your ESG goals, increase safety through reliable ESD functionality, and leverage a common interface tool to provide predictive diagnostics and real-time monitoring of MOV’s.​

Saverio Aloe, Business Unit Lead – Isolation & Actuation​
Lakeside Process Controls

Connected with Emerson’s Interactive Plant Environment in Shakopee, Minnesota, Blaine Williams hosts a live and virtual demonstration of Plantweb Insight in action. Demonstrating applications such as monitoring of Pressure Relieve Devices and Heat Exchangers. Followed by a complete walkthrough of the software and a discussion of its built-in predictive diagnostics.

Blaine Williams, Senior Global Interactive Plant Environment Manager & Customer Experience Leader
Emerson Automation Solutions
In partnership with Tree Canada, we will plant a tree for each customer who attends our event! The trees will then be planted in a local forest near you. To read more about our partnership and other tree planting initiativesvisit here.