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Lakeside Technology Talks | Module 6: Control Valve Technician Basics

  • Webinar
    Oct 19, 2021
    10:00AM-11:30AM EST

This webinar will feature a live hands-on demonstration of the disassembly and reassembly of a sliding stem control valve.
We will explain how the valve functions and the role that each component plays in the assembly. In addition we will also be doing a live FIELDVUE DVC6200 positioner demo to show some basic offline and online diagnostics using the HART protocol and ValveLink software.

This is a great live demonstration for those that work on control valves on a regular basis, or for those that just want to understand a bit more of control valve functionality.

This webinar will also feature:
• How to safely disassemble a sliding stem control valves
• How to identify the different components
• Identify common wear areas
• Correct installation of trim components
• FIELDVUE DVC6200 Positioner demo showing some basic valve diagnostics.

Please use either Chrome or Edge as a web browser to ensure compatibility as well as a high speed internet connection.