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Reliability User Group Forum: Tapping into the Power of Condition Monitoring Program

Free- Lunch Included
Lakeside Process Controls, 2475 Hogan Drive. Mississauga, ON
  • Mississauga
    Oct 18, 2023
    8AM - 4:30PM


In the current scenario of constrained resources and a dwindling pool of experienced personnel, many facilities find themselves grappling with the challenge of maintaining machinery reliability and availability to meet production goals. Whether you are just starting your condition monitoring program, expanding it, or seeking modernization, we have a flexible and comprehensive strategy to offer you.

Our approach involves
seamless integration of portable, wireless, and online monitoring technologies into a single platform with intuitive interfaces, guaranteeing accurate and dependable results. Spend a day with our industry experts to discover how these cutting-edge solutions can be seamlessly applied to bolster your condition monitoring program. Our aim is to help you optimize operations, reduce downtime, and achieve peak efficiency in meeting your production objectives. Let us empower you to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead in today's competitive landscape.


The day's program will include the following:
  • What does it mean to be a top-quartile reliability program?
  • What proven strategies are available for efficient and effective condition monitoring.
  • How does impact monitoring with Emerson’s PeakVue technology facilitate vibration analysis?
  • What modern automated data collection and analysis tools are available?
  • When and how do I apply advanced analytics/software?
  • What are some best-case examples of technology implementation/ROI?
  • What training and support options are available?

Program will conclude with product demonstrations, Q&A session, and a networking event. A virtual option is available for this event but it is highly encouraged to attend in person to fully engage with experts and hands-on demonstrations.

Complete Topics

  • Traditional to modern condition monitoring and trends
  • Applying the right monitoring to asset criticality and application
  • Matching resources and infrastructure to condition monitoring needs
  • Common issues/pains in various industries?
  • Data Export / Integration with other systems
  • Where and how it is used
  • Wireless Vibration Monitoring and demo
  • Edge Analytics Device and demo
  • Protection/prediction systems for critical machines
  • Dashboard and Vibration Analysis
  • Machine Journal
  • Software demo
  • Data Export
  • Private Cloud vs. Emerson Cloud
  • Data Lake and Analytics
  • Customer case study(s) 
  • Training and support services capabilities you could leverage
  • Q&A with Experts
  • Display/demo area 

Meet the Speakers

Drew started with CSI in 1994 which Emerson had acquired in 1997. He is currently in his 29th year in the Emerson's Reliability Solutions business. 

Drew holds 20 years of experience in product management, bringing the AMS 2140 through development to market. He is currently the Direct of Sales enablement for Emerson Reliability Solutions, support the global sales channels and customers with Emerson reliability technology, product and solutions. He is currently working with customers around the world to improve their reliability programs and implementing new technology and solutions.

Drew currently lives in Knoxville, TN and is married with one son and one daughter. He enjoys outdoor activities and attending sporting events at his alma mater, University of Tennessee Knoxville.

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Brian started his career journey as a part of the US Navy as a Nuclear Electrician on submarines for over a decade. He later joined Team Emerson in 1991. He currently manages reliability programs for customers as well as acts as a training instructor. Brian is a certified vibration analyst and IR thermographer. 

Brian currently live sin Knoxville, TN with his wife. He enjoys spending time with his four children, three grandchildren and his loyal canine companions. In his free time, Brian takes time camping and learning programming on the side. 

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