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Process Control Techniques 2

Lakeside Process Controls, 2475 Hogan Drive, Mississauga, ON L5N 0E9
  • Mississauga
    Oct 11, 2023 - Oct 12, 2023
    9AM-2:30PM EST | 6.5hrs
*Limited space available: Registration will close 7 days prior to course date. Cancellation must be done 7 days prior to course date.  If you have any questions please contact Leah at [email protected]
*This is a 2 day course, with limited registration*

Course Outline:
Process Control Techniques 2 continues to build on the strong foundation covered in Process Control Techniques 1.
You will be able to analyze and solve complex control applications. The extensive simulation labs cover some of the most common and readily applicable control strategies available.

You will also take home spreadsheet tools that can be directly applied to your current process control challenges. Process Control Techniques 2 will help you help your plant
graduate from simple operability towards profitability.

Process Control Techniques 1
Working Knowledge of Excel

E/I Technicians
E/I Supervisors
DCS/ Control Engineers
Process Engineers


Day 1

Process Control Techniques 1 Review

• Lambda Tuning for Self-Regulating and Integrating processes.
• Cascade loops
• Interacting loops

Lab Exercise:
Lambda Tuning a system of loops

Gain Scheduling

• Linear vs. Non-linear processes
• Examples of non-linear processes (pH control and Forced draft flow control)
• How to implement Gain Scheduling

Lab Exercise:
Application of Gain Scheduling for pH Control and Forced Draft flow control

Day 2

PID Lambda Tuning

• First Order vs Second Order processes measuring the process dynamics (two Time Constants)
• Review of 'D' action and different forms of PID algorithm D action on PV vs. Error
• PID Lambda tuning
• Lab Exercise: Tuning temperature controller on a heat exchanger

Feedforward Control

• Identification of Load variable
• Calculation of Feedforward Gain
• Overview of dynamic feedforward control
• Lab Exercise: Tuning a feedforward controller on a heat exchanger