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Process Control Techniques 1 - Mississauga

$1395 CAD
Lakeside Process Controls, 2475 Hogan Drive, Mississauga, ON L5N 0E9
  • Mississauga
    Apr 24, 2024 - Apr 25, 2024
    9AM-3:30PM EST | 6.5hrs

Course Outline: 

Ironically, loop tuning is the last thing you do! Process designs, control strategies and instrumentation all have a direct impact on the effectiveness of controllers.

Process Control Techniques – Level 1 is a two day course designed to teach a systematic approach to loop tuning. It builds on the fundamentals of process dynamics, instrumentation troubleshooting, and Lambda tuning of control loops.

E/I Technicians
E/I Supervisors
DCS/ Control Engineers
Process Engineers

Day 1
First Order Process Dynamics
• Introduction to the Bump Test
• Backlash/Stiction Test
• Measuring Process Dynamics
• Introduction to Lab Simulation & Exercises

Introduction to Lab Simulation & Exercise

Tuning for Self-Regulating Processes
• Explanation of PID parameters
• Review of various different forms of PID Algorithm
• Quarter-Amplitude Tuning Method
• Lab Exercise: Quarter Amplitude Tuning

Lambda Tuning
• Choosing Lambda
• Calculation of Gain and reset tuning parameters
• Tuning examples & Lab Exercise

Day 2
Lambda Tuning for cascade & interacting loops
• Lab Exercise

Lambda Tuning for Integrating Processes (Level Control)
• Calculation of Process Dynamics
• Tuning Objectives
• Choosing Lambda
• Calculating Tuning parameters

Lab Exercise for Level Control
• Calculation of Process Dynamics
• Choosing Lambda
• Calculation of Tuning Parameters