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Tree Canada Tree Canada

At Lakeside, we understand and are committed to the goal of improving and supporting sustainable business practices. Through both direct and indirect means we will strive to reduce our impact on the natural systems that surround us and understand that we have an integral role in enabling our customers and suppliers to do the same.


As a part of our new initiative, we plant a tree in partnership with Tree Canada for every piece of feedback received. The trees will then be planted in a local forest near you. 

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To plant a tree
Tree Canada is the only national non-profit dedicated to planting and nurturing trees in rural and urban environments. Through their programs, research and educational efforts, they have helped restore tree cover in areas hit by natural disasters, guided communities in managing their urban forests, supported over 700 schoolyard greening projects and organized urban forest conferences. To date, with their community partners and sponsors, they have planted more than 83 million trees.


How we improve our internal environmental sustainability performance 

  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 

  • Energy consumption 

  • Water consumption 


How we support & enable our customers’ decarbonization & environmental sustainability efforts 

  • Implementing Emerson technologies, solutions and expertise 


How we foster collaboration among stakeholders 

  • Participating in leading sustainability industry forums 

  • Partnering with academic institutions to drive sustainable innovation 

  • Engaging with governments globally to support sustainability-related policies and regulations