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Cash Valve Type D53 Control Valves
Type D53 Control Valves
A pressure operated diaphragm type control valve designed to control the flow of a fluid or air by an independent pressure applied to the valve diaphragm
Cash Valve Type D53 Control Valves


Valve Size
NPS 3/4 / DN 20, NPS 2 / DN 50, NPS 1-1/4 / DN 32, NPS 1-1/2 / DN 40, NPS 1/2 / DN 15
Product Type
Control Valve


  • Available either normally open; closed by diaphragm pressure or normally closed; opened by diaphragm pressure.
  • Diaphragm pressure connection can be indexed to over inlet, over outlet or over either side for maximum hook-up flexibility.
  • Full port diameter means full capacity and low pressure drop through the valve.
  • Larger sizes have a fully balanced inner valve for both inlet and outlet pressures up to 250 psi, ensuring operating pressure requirements unchanged by variations in system pressure.
  • Larger size valve component interchangeablity enables easy changeover from normally open to normally closed or vice versa.


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