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BS&B has a wide range of rupture disks suited to meet your needs

BS&B has a wide range of rupture disks suited to meet your needs:


Reverse Buckling Disks

Designed for non-fragmentation upon activation, Reverse Buckling Disks can be used to isolate relief valves or as primary overpressure protection. These discs have a 90% or greater opening ratio with a solid metal construction for optimum leak tightness. Designed primarily to meet the requirements of ASME VIII, these designs are provided with a safety head which ensure proper installation into the relief system. BS&B’s Sur-Saf™ system provides unmatched reversal safety ratios and damage safety ratios providing the most reliable line of rupture disks available.

Forward Acting Disks

Applying load to the concave side, forward acting disks regulate burst pressures based on the tensile strength of the material. Score lines can be added to the design for precise pressure control and increased capabilities. Can be accompanied with a BS&B specific safety head or installed directly inline between existing flanges. Includes standard, solid metal, full opening, non-reclosing designs and composite or graphite, non-fragmenting designs for low burst pressures.

Safety Heads

Used in combination with the appropriate disk BS&B Safety Heads provide simple, fail-safe installation using asymmetric locating pins and J-Both to ensure correct disk orientation. BS&B has a full range of safety heads including screw type, union type, and full bolted style holders. The unique SRB-7RS™ pre-torqued safety head ensures common installation related problems are eliminated and maintenance and replacement is greatly simplified. Fits most standard international flanges.

Burst Sensors

BS&B Burst Sensors provide immediate notification (electronically or visually) of the overpressure event. When a disk or vent ruptures, the process flow through the device causes the sensor’s conductive circuit to break which notifies the control system to give a visual or audible signal. 


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