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Birkett Safeset Series Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valves
Pop action and modulating pilot operated safety valves with a unique full nozzle design and dimensions to API 526


  • Unique full nozzle design reduces seat stresses, inlet pressure losses, increases discharge co-efficient and enables lower specification body materials on corrosive duties.
  • All process wetted parts in stainless steel as a minimum, reducing seal contaminations and prolonging service life.
  • Non-flowing pilot eliminates freezing risk, improves service life and ensures trouble-free operation.
  • System pressures of 95% to 98% of set pressure possible.
  • Full lift capability against high levels of back pressure.
  • Pop action pilots adjustable for zero overpressure and blowdown equal to 3% of set pressure.
  • Soft pilot and main valve seats in a range of material options provide optimum leak tightness and reduce maintenance.
  • Adjustable orifice areas within 8 standard body sizes accommodating all 21 standard orifice sizes.
  • Integral sensing gives a compact design and accurate pressure sense from within the flow stream.
  • Remote pilot sensing option ensures trouble free operation even with high inlet pressure losses.
  • Dual outlet, full bore model available for high capacity duties.


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