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Clarkson Model M145 / M202 / M345 / M345­HP Knife Gate Valve
Model M145 / M202 / M345 / M345-HP Knife Gate Valve
Clarkson L&M valves with the three-piece replaceable polymer liner offer reliability and long life in a wide variety of tough applications
Clarkson Model M145 / M202 / M345 / M345­HP Knife Gate Valve


Valve Type
Knife Gate Valve, Slurry Knife Gate Valve


  • Proven design features a three-piece replaceable polymer liner.
  • Superior shut-off; not to exceed 20 cc water per inch of diameter per minute at 2.8 bar (40 psi), half of MSS.
  • Available with ASME Class V shut-off in select applications.
  • Every valve is tested for shut-off in both directions.
  • Can be installed without worry as to direction of flow.
  • 100% full port opening reduces pressure drop allowing greater flow and minimizing wear.
  • T-Lock insert is firmly retained by the body liner, helping ensure maximum performance.
  • Liner provides all-around gate support and helps prevent lateral movement of the gate, giving you longer packing life and a more consistent valve seal.
  • Positive seal packing chamber.


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