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TESCOM™ Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation Model A26 Differential Pressure Manifold
Lightweight and compact 5 valve manifold designed for direct mounting to differential pressure transmitters


  • Direct mounting compact design requires minimum space for operation and installation with fewer potential leak points.
  • Cost savings when manifolding the valves by eliminating several parts used in conventional methods of ‘piping up’.
  • Free-swivelling ball end stem ensures perfect alignment, providing repetitive bubble-tight shutoff and long life.
  • PTFE or graphite packing below stem threads prevents lubricant washout and thread corrosion.
  • Back seat stem prevents blowout or accidental removal while in operation.
  • Threaded ¼” NPT vent ports allow vent to be piped away safely. Supplied plugged as standard.
  • Couples directly via standard instrument side flanged connections on 2⅛” (54 mm) centers.
  • Standard pipe bracket bolts directly to the manifold providing a rigid support for the transmitter. Instrument can be removed easily for service or repair.


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