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RMS Grid Design and Upscaling
PROD_ROX_PDP_RMS Grid Design and Upscaling
RMSTM Grid Design and Upscaling bridges the gap between geologists and engineers, delivering a high-quality 3D simulation grid that enables accurate simulator results.
Providing semi-automated, flexible and robust grid generation, this smart solution uses advanced upscaling algorithms to ensure that the geological data affecting fluid flow are accurately transferred to the simulation model.
RMS Grid Design and Upscaling


Operating System
Supports Windows and Linux – contact us for specific information


  • Build high-quality grids for complex geometries
  • Catch important heterogeneities through industry-leading upscaling techniques
  • Generate well data for flow simulation
  • Continuously upgrade grid and model properties with new data
  • Use streamlines or integrated flow simulation to quality control your model
  • Work seamlessly with industry-standard flow simulators
  • Collaborate closely with team members in a shared environment
  • Stringently manage uncertainty


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