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Mimic™ Train
Mimic™ Train provides comprehensive management and administration tools such as dynamic training exercises, built-in instructor controls, and a repository of user data with custom reports.
Mimic Train works with Mimic Foundation and Mimic Process as an operator competency and training management suite that is designed to integrate dynamic simulation into training programs while maximizing the efficiency and results of instruction.

Improve Training Results with Mimic Train

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  • User Management and Access Control Systems for different personas including Operators, Instructors, and Engineers
  • Training Records Database as a data repository with details of each training session saved to individual user profiles with custom reporting capabilities
  • Built-in device malfunctions support ad-hoc training or structured training sessions
  • State-based exercises that automate training sessions with scoring that changes based on the Operator’s actions – as an example, a proactive Operator is scored differently than a reactive Operator following procedures
  • KPI-based scoring that scores Operators not only on discrete Operator actions, but also on process KPIs that directly impact operational performance
  • Backtrack capabilities that allow instructors to rewind to a different point of an exercise and facilitate more efficient training sessions and better teachable moments


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