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Rosemount™ 96 Thermowell
rosemount 96 thermowell
Safeguarding sensor performance, the Rosemount 96 Thermowell is a barstock thermowell that provides sensor protection for reliable temperature measurement in process environments.
For application flexibility and adaptability, this thermowell features a large selection of thermowell materials as well as threaded, flanged and welded mounting styles with a tapered stem profile. This thermowell can be ordered with a Wake Frequency Calculation report, which ensures compatibility with process conditions.
Rosemount™ 96 Thermowell


Thermowell Calculations
Wake frequency calculation (WFC) performed by certified engineers, order R21 for official report
Material certification, NACE,�CRN�
Product Tests
External pressure test, internal pressure test, dye penetration


  • Available in threaded, flanged and welded mounting styles with tapered stem profile for application flexibility
  • Large selection of thermowell materials meets varying process specifications
  • Option of Wake Frequency Calculation report ensures thermowell design is compatible with process conditions
  • NACE approval option meets MR0175/ISO 15156 and MR0103 requirements for sour gas applications
  • External pressure test option verifies structural quality and checks for leaks to provide additional quality assurance
  • Internal pressure test option confirms internal structural integrity of thermowell for further quality control


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