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Rosemount™ 114C Thermowell
Engineered with solid barstock, the Rosemount 114C Thermowell is designed to accommodate a host of industry-standard configurations while ensuring strength and integrity for your process measurements.
This flexible thermowell solution is available in threaded, flanged, Van Stone and welded mounting styles with straight, tapered or stepped stem profiles to meet a variety of application requirements. This product is offered in a large selection of materials for process adaptability and compatibility.

Reduce Thermowell Design Time by More Than 90%

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Rosemount™ 114C Thermowell


Thermowell Calculations
Wake frequency calculation (WFC) performed by certified engineers, order R21 for official report
Design Modifiers
Root, bore and tip diameters can be customized for any application
Material certification, NACE, CRN (see full specs for complete list of certifications)
Product Tests
External pressure test, internal pressure test, dye penetration, X-ray, PMI (see full specs for complete list)


  • Threaded, flanged, Van Stone and welded mounting styles with stem profile options allow for application flexibility
  • Wide selection of thermowell materials, from stainless steel to exotic materials, meets varying process specifications
  • Option of Wake Frequency Calculation report ensures thermowell design is compatible with process conditions
  • Flexible design modifiers for root, bore and tip thickness allow customization for special application requirements
  • Van Stone style permits differing flange material from the stem for cost-efficiency
  • Thermowell options, including NACE, material certification and PMI, ensure material traceability or compatibility
  • Special testing options to meet process requirements including external hydrostatic pressure test, dye penetration test and more


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