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Rosemount™ 58C Cut-to-Fit Temperature Sensor
Engineered as a customizable solution, the Rosemount 58C Cut-to-Fit Temperature Sensor is an industry-standard, platinum resistance temperature detector (RTD) sensor.
This sensor offers cut-to-fit capability and may be shortened to any length via a standard tube cutter, which eliminates the need to stock large selections of sensors in specific lengths. For added application flexibility, this adjustable sensor can be installed in a thermowell with either a fixed or adjustable mounting fitting.
Rosemount™ 58C Cut-to-Fit Temperature Sensor


±0.035% maximum ice-point resistance shift following 1,000 hours at maximum specified temperature (200 °C)
Insulation Resistance
500 x10^6 ohms minimum insulation resistance when measured at 50 Vdc at room temperature
Calibration Options
Calibration schedule or customer-specified calibration range, both with Callendar-Van Dusen constants


  • Designed as an industry-standard, platinum RTD sensor for linear and accurate process temperature measurements
  • Cut-to-fit capability allows sensor to be shortened with a standard tube cutter to meet application specifications
  • Available in 12-, 24-, 36-, and 48-in. lengths for application flexibility
  • Customizable design eliminates the need to stock a large selection of sensors in specific lengths for cost-efficiency
  • Variety of connection heads and mounting fittings available to fulfill process requirements


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