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Paine™ 210-60-090 Differential Pressure Transducer
paine 210-60-090 differential pressure transducer
The Paine™ 210-60-090 Differential Pressure Transducer measures differential pressure in many applications, such as actuator position feedback from servo valves to aviation testing environments.
Built with two separate sensing elements to measure the pressure at the input ports, this device provides a differential output. This transducer also features a uniquely small design to withstand harsh environments.
Paine™ 210-60-090 Differential Pressure Transducer


Measurement Range
Up to 5000 psid (344 bar)
Operating Temperature
-65 °F to 250 °F (-53 °C to 121 °C)
Process Media
Any compatible with 300 series CRES, Buna-N-Rubber, 2024-T351 AL and 15-5 PH CRES
Pressure Port/Fitting
Manifold mounting per MIL-G-5514, Type II, Class 2 O-rings (2) MS28775-008 are supplied with each transducer


  • Durable solution withstands harsh environments for long-lasting performance
  • Shock and vibration resistant design offers highly accurate and reliable pressure monitoring in many operating conditions
  • Port adapter options allow fora wide range of application connections
  • Uniquely small and compact design for easy installation
  • Temperature compensated design provides highly accurate pressure measurements
  • Customizable transducer options available for fit-for-use designs


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