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The MODEL 2010BX is AMI’s most advanced Trace Oxygen Analyzer. This next generation unit combines patented technologies and superior design to deliver unsurpassed performance and reliability while keeping costs low. The MODEL 2010BX is the #1 choice among engineers and measurement technicians.


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BX Oxygen Analyzer

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Model 2010BX Installation

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Oxygen Calibaration

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MODEL 2010BX Trace Oxygen Analyzer


Operational Specifications
Output Ranges (User Selectable)
0 – 10 ppm, 0 – 50 ppm, 0 – 100 ppm, 0 – 500 ppm, 0 – 1000 ppm, 0 – 5000 ppm, 0 – 1.0%, 0 – 5.0%, 0 – 10.0%, 0 – 25.0%
Ambient Operation Temperature
25°F to 115°F, (–3.9°C to 46°C)
–20°F to 115°F, (–29°C to 46°C)
Heated with Extreme Weather Enclosure
–40°F to 115°F, (–40°C to 46°C)
Flow Rate (Recommended)
0.1 to 2.0 SCFH, (0.05 – 1.0 Lpm)
Inlet Gas Pressure
0.5 − 150 psig, (0.03 − 10.3 bar)
Operational Altitude
≤ 5,500 m, (18,000 ft)
≤ 2,500 m, (8,200 ft)
Sensor & Analyzer Performance Specifications
T-2 Sensor
Max Range 0 –10,000 ppm, Special Conditions <10 ppm H2S, 100% CO2
T-4 Sensor
Max Range 0 –10,000 ppm, Special Conditions <500 ppm H2S, 100% CO2
90% Upscale Response Times for Specific Ranges
<25 sec for 0.0 – 10 ppm, <10 sec for 10 ppm – 25.0%
±1% of range or ±0.2 ppm of oxygen, whichever is greater
Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D, T4 –32°C ≤ Tamb ≤ 46°C IP 54


  • ELIMINATOR CELL BLOCK FOR A LEAK-FREE DESIGN | The patented ELIMINATOR CELL BLOCK provides a unique, compact sample system approach and a flow-efficient sensor pocket machined into a solid metallic block. Precision cross drilled intersecting gas passages eliminate the need for long lengths of tubing and leak-prone compression fittings. Additionally, a uniquely engineered 3-way selector valve (Sample/Span/Off), metering valve, pressure sensor and flow meter are all integrated into the ELIMINATOR CELL BLOCK. It also provides the user with direct front panel access for installing and replacing sensors, and the ability to air calibrate the analyzer, all without the need for disassembly or tools.
  • PROPRIETARY SENSOR TECHNOLOGY | AMI’s patented oxygen sensors deliver unmatched performance for ultra-fast response times, accuracy, and reliability. Every sensor undergoes an intense battery of tests to ensure they meet our strict quality control standards. Our trace and percent oxygen sensors operate safely, accurately, and reliably in inert or flammable gas streams, even when containing high levels of H2S - up to 500 ppm, for their entire warranted life. This eliminates the need for a maintenance intensive H2S scrubber that competitive oxygen analyzers require.
  • ALL THE ADVANCED FEATURES FOR ONE LOW PRICE | The MODEL 2010BX Trace Oxygen Analyzer comes loaded with a full suite of advanced features without the typical up charges. The standard features include: 10-user selectable analog output ranges, large backlit LCD, dual independent alarm relay contacts, comprehensive alarm logic (fail safe or non-fail safe, latching or non-latching and independent alarm delays), alarm bypass, and 3 levels of security settings. Automatic data logging provides detailed time-stamped records of O2 measurement, gas pressure, temperature, supply voltage and power brown-out history. All these features can be accessed with AMI’s powerful COMMAND CENTER software, which works universally across all AMI analyzers.


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