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Gas Metering Systems
Emerson's turnkey Gas Metering Systems offer accurate, reliable, and repeatable flow measurement that supports regulatory compliance, helps reduce risk and ownership costs, and improves operational performance.
Gas Metering Systems


Up to ± 0.10%
Operating Pressure Range
Up to 2500 ANSI
Process Temperature
-50 °C to 100 °C (-58 °F to 212 °F)
Meter Types
Gas Ultrasonic, Coriolis, Orifice, Venturi
Process Product
Natural Gas, Industrial Gas
Custody Transfer, Non-Custody Transfer, Production, Gas Pipelines
Equipment/Material Included
Meters, Valves, Filters, Pipe/Fittings, Structural Steel, Instrumentation, Analyzers, Controls/HMI, Wiring
Services Included
Project Management, Engineering/Design, Procurement, Fabrication, Testing, Startup/Commissioning, Training, Lifecycle Services


  • Reduce complexity and risk, and improve capital efficiency by partnering with a single-source provider
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and minimize financial risk with highly accurate metering packages
  • Improve fiscal assurance and reduce operational costs with reliable and cost effective solutions
  • Receive local support and collaborative engineering services worldwide to enhance your asset-management activities
  • Gain peace of mind with service and support capabilities that span the system?s entire lifecycle


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