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Laser Based – Fixed Point Gas Detection is an Enhanced Sensing Element that thrives where Traditional Gas Detection technologies do not survive.

The Remote Point (RPX) Probe used with Boreal Laser’s line of GasFinder3 Based Instruments is primarily used in process monitoring & control applications for its quantitative performance in difficult applications, fail-safe design for safety critical applications, and its maintenance friendly operation.
Boreal Extractive Measurement EMX Cell


Hazardous Area Certification
(A)Ex ib IIC (T5) Tamb <70°C Gb (Equivalent to Class 1 Zone/Division 1, Groups: A,B,C,D)
Operating Temperature
-45 to 70°C (-49 to 158°F)
Process Connection
Two (2) ¼” FNPT Wetted Process Connections
Power & Communication
24 VDC, HART 7 (over 4-20mA), Dry-Contact Relays, and MODBUS
Beam Block
Operates down to 97% Obscuration (40x Turndown) with Status Indication and Time Delay
Ten (10) Years on Laser Light Source and Three (3) Year Standard Warranty


  • Simple Design: Easy to install, commission, and support
  • Robust Light Source: Long-lasting Near Infrared laser light source used as sensing element
  • Maintenance Friendly: Due to the Internal Reference Cell, there is no field calibration or intervention required or available
  • Speed of Response: New and independent result every single second
  • Fail-Safe Design: Sophisticated diagnostics with no undisclosed failure modes


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