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Ronan Density systems are mounted externally to the pipe via brackets, or internally in dry wells, and can be installed while the process is running.

The instruments have no wetted parts and are ideal for liquid processes where traditional contact technologies cannot be used.

Measurement Not Affected By:
  • Extreme Process Temperatures
  • Caustic Products
  • Slurries
  • Process Flow and Viscosity
  • Sterile Process
  • Changing Process


  • Mounts External to Existing Pipes with No By-Pass Lines
  • Display in Customer-Specified Units
  • Most Applications Utilize Low Energy Sources
  • Push Button to Calibrate
  • Empty Pipe Monitor


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Non-contact Radiometric Measurement… How does it work?

Non-contact Radiometric Measurement… How does it work?

Radiometric measurement provides a safe and efficient, non-contact method to measure liquids or solids in harsh process environments. Each Ronan system is designed to deliver outstanding performance in a wide range of difficult applications and process conditions. The entire system mounts externally to the vessel or pipe and can be installed and maintained while the process is running without downtime, vessel modifications, risk of accidental release, or the need for specialty construction materials.

The illustration below shows a density measurement system mounted to a external to the pipe. The gamma source holder (on the left) emits energy through the walls of the pipe and the process in direction towards the detector mounted on the opposite side of the source. The detector measures the level of energy reaching it and sends a proportional signal to the microprocessor.

The systems utilize a single computer compatible with all Ronan detectors, which is easily expandable to accurately measure the most complex processes. The X96 microprocessor (seen in the picture below) filters and correlates this signal to a density/percent solids measurement. The user can select from a list of units of measure for the desired reading. Because Ronan gauges use non-contact technology, there are no wetted parts to come in contact with the process, making it ideal for harsh installations such as: caustic, toxic, corrosive, explosive and carcinogenic processes irrespective of their solids content, viscosity and temperature.