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Lakeside to Sponsor, Exhibit, and Speak at Electrolysis North America Technology Conference June 2024

May 21, 2024
Lakeside is proud to announce its participation as a sponsor, exhibitor, and speaker at Electrolysis North America Technology Conference, scheduled for June 4-6, 2024. The event, renowned for bringing together industry leaders in electrolysis, will once again unite electrolyser manufacturers, component specialists, industrial users, engineering experts, and researchers to delve into the development, manufacturing, deployment, and integration of the next generation of industrial electrolysers.

As part of Lakeside’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, Wakelin Fulford, a seasoned professional engineer and project management professional, will take the stage as a speaker at the event. Fulford, currently serving as a solutions specialist at Lakeside, holds a Bachelor of Engineering Science in Chemical Engineering. His presentation, "Balance of Plant (BoP) Scale Up and Commercialization Support," will address crucial aspects of BoP development within the electrolysis sector. 

Here are some key points to look forward to from his presentation:
  • Electrolysis companies often require support in BoP development alongside their focus on Electrolyser Stack Technology.
  • Discussion of pain points and solutions concerning engineering, specifications, fabrication, installation, code requirements, and safety.
  • Insights into how Lakeside’s solutions, equipment, and engineering capabilities can facilitate Scale Up and Commercialization requirements.

Regarding Lakeside’s involvement in the event, the company is deeply committed to meeting the rising demand for greenhouse gas reduction and sustainability goals. Leveraging expertise in combustion, energy efficiency, and process optimization, Lakeside facilitates the adoption of modern clean energy technologies. They offer comprehensive support spanning research & development, commercialization, industrial implementation, and project execution of clean technology solutions. Additionally, Lakeside assists industry end-users in achieving their energy and sustainability targets through seamless integration, automation, and optimization of these solutions.

ELECTROLYSIS NORTH AMERICA is the 6th edition in a series of highly focused electrolysis conferences. Founded by Bernd Hamacher and organized by RedCabin, the event has gained recognition in Germany, the United States, and Canada. This edition promises to continue the tradition of fostering collaboration among industry stakeholders to drive innovation and progress in the field of industrial electrolysis.

For more information about Lakeside and its participation in ELECTROLYSIS NORTH AMERICA 2024, please visit:

About Lakeside Process Controls:
Lakeside Process Controls is a leading provider of automation solutions and process control products and services. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Lakeside supports organizations across various industries in achieving their operational and environmental objectives. dedication and quality from Lakeside as we introduce FLEXIM to better align with your objectives.

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