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Solutions-as-a-Service (SaaS), is the shift from traditional capital expenditures for equipment where the onus to maintain and operate to peak performance is solely on the end user to a shared responsibility format.

In the SaaS format the ownership of the system does not change hands but instead the partners engage in a relationship that considers the results of said system to be a billable service. Therefor the outcome of the systems operations becomes a shared responsibility reflecting the best interests of both parties.

Examples of SaaS could be Clean In Place (CIP) on a pay per circuit or vessel cleaned format, or Waste Water/BOD Treatment on a pay per litre treated to within spec prior to discharging back to the municipal system format.

Depending on your companies culture the core benefit could vary but the shift from a conventional capex format transaction to a SaaS format is significant for cash flow considerations and can assist business plan for growth more effectively especially for processors who are affected by seasonal production fluctuations.  

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In a SaaS format we want to ensure Increased Asset Intensity driven from the reliability instruments and controls we will install on the equipment and the predictive maintenance program that accompanies said equipment. 

Advanced Analytics that can be captured and documented from your processes though the same instruments and controls listed above will be a key component of you path to Digital Transformation.

Leveraging true ESP and Reliability Professionals experience by focusing on your core business, ie Producing the best possible Juice possible, instead of having to find and train people dedicated to certain pieces of auxiliary equipment.

SaaS is a revolutionary concept in Food and Beverage Processors that will influence how producers grow and manage their business and Lakeside Process Controls is committed to being your SaaS partner.