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Creating defined operator rounds to increase data quality, collection and availability with AMS Trex

Course number
  • Webinar
    Feb 9, 2021
    45 Minutes

User Case Study: Emerson Virtual Exchange

Session Abstract:

  • The building operators at Teva Pharmaceuticals were tasked with regularly performing daily rounds of the mechanical areas and documenting critical parameters on boilers, chillers, air compressors, and purified water systems.  
  • When the data was audited by the maintenance team, it was found to have inconsistent routes. Additionally, the data was variable depending on which operator was performing the rounds.
  • In pharmaceutical, inconsistent routes and procedures can open the door manufacturing deviations and can also make it difficult to trace the root causes of deviations.
  • Also having the data in various logbooks makes it almost impossible to find and quickly resolve issues in a timely, organized manner, which can be critical to preventing deviations.
  • With the AMS Trex unit, well-defined routes were created that request specific inputs from the operators. 
  • The frequency of each route could be determined based on the asset criticality and associated risks. 
  • Data that was once written in various logbooks could now be found in a common repository and then be used for advanced analytics.

Presented by: Mark Ellis, Director of Site Engineering and Maintenance, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Canada

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