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Plant & Personnel Safety Strategy Seminar

Free - Lunch Included
Lakeside Process Controls, 2475 Hogan Drive, Mississauga, ON

This seminar will include discussions and presentations on creating and maintaining a safety strategy, different technologies to use, and the best practices in applying them and their advantages. This knowledge will help improve plant and personnel safety. 

In this one-day event, you will learn: 

  • Why do you need a safety strategy? 
  • What a safety strategy should include. 
  • ​Layering of safety protection. 

This seminar will be part of a larger series
that will include upcoming online webinars and videos.


Who Should Attend?

  • Plant Management
  • Maintenance Managers   
  • Instrumentation Technicians 
  • Process Engineers
  • Health and Safety  


A brief glimpse of the presentations and topics we'll be discussing on the day of.
  • Why do you need a safety strategy?
  • What should a safety strategy include?
  • How do you add in layers of protection?

Speaker: Dan Leising, Technical Specialist for Analytical Instrumentation at Lakeside Process Controls
  • Fire & Gas purpose, historical design challenges, and guidelines on detector placement.
  • Overview of ISA Technical Report 84.00.07 for performance-based detection.
  • Step-by-step walk through for implementing ISA 84.00.07 FGS mapping.

Speaker: Ed Marzal, President and CEO of Kenexis
  • What are the different forms of point gas detection?
  • When to use Catalytic bead versus when to use Infrared?
  • Using “Open Path Gas Detectors” to identify Toxic and Combustible Gases.
  • Using Ultraviolet versus Infrared for flame detection.

Xavier D’Souza, Business Development Manager at Emerson Automation Solutions
Mitchell Yemm, sales engineer at lakeside process controls
ian duval, account manager at lakeside process controls

  • What is “Digital” PPE and why you need it?
  • Digital Mustering, Workforce Management, and Geofencing.

Speaker: Jacob Tardoni, Global Product Manager at Emerson Automation Solutions
Speaker: Sylvain Millette, Project Engineer & Process Optimization Specialist at Lakeside Process Controls